Vox Eminor has been at the forefront of Australian CounterStrike Since 2010 where it launched as a professional CounterStrike:Source team. Since the launch of CounterStrike Global Offensive the squad has been a dominant force in the scene winning almost every tournament to be launched since the game was released.

The goal of Vox Eminor is to be a local leader in the eSports scene with not just results but a professional and supportive approach towards our community and fellow gamers. We host community cups and offer our time up for community activities to give back to the community and help it grow. Our players are all experienced and long standing members of the community who strive to be good representatives of their team but also Australia as we compete both locally and internationally.

“Its essential for our gameplay that we have the very best in gaming equipment to compete with, that extra FPS can mean making a shot or missing a shot. We look to MSI for that competitive edge and whether we are at a LAN event or on the road MSI products will help us fight our way to victory no matter where we go.”

Chad “Spunj” Burchill
In game Leader – Vox Eminor CS:GO


  • March 10th 2013 – Winner CG CS:GO ODC – Australia Online Tournament
  • March 23rd 2013 – Winner CGPL Season 1 CS:GO National Championship – Australia Live Event
  • April 21st 2013 – Winner CGOI One day tournament – Australia Online Tournament
  • May 21st 2013 – Winner Kingston HyperX CS:GO Cup – Australia Online Tournament
  • July 21st 2013 – Winner Ozone Revolution CS:GO CUP – Australia Online Tournament
  • September 15th 2013 – Winner Mwave CS:GO Professional League – Australia Online Professional League
  • September 22nd 2013 – Winner MSI Beat IT Oceania Qualifier – Australia Online Tournament
  • October 3rd 2013 – Winner Armageddon CS:GO Battlegrounds – Australia Online Tournament
  • November 23rd 2013 – 4th Place MSI Beat it Global Championship – China Live Event
  • December 1st 2013 – Quarter Finalist Dreamhack Open CS:GO Tournament – Sweden Live Event
  • January 18th 2014 – 1st Place Sydney Gamers League LAN – Sydney LAN Event
    March 13th 2014 – 1st Place Vox Eminor “Vox Play Aftermath” Tournament – Online

104 Wins, 4 Losses, 1 Tie

(95.4% Win Rate)