RCTIC eSports is an organization of electronic sports that is established in 2008. Our goal is to improve Finnish amateurs of e-sports to become known worldwide and, of course, encourage them to be their very best in their own gaming.
RCTIC eSports owns a long history already. Earlier we were known as Random Gaming which was transferred below CMAX.gg afterwards. In 2008 the team working as a management group decided to diverge from CMAX.gg and founded RCTIC eSports. Because of that, our organization boosted and now we’re known as being extremely lively and, more importantly, a great organization.
The year 2010 was especially rewarding since we got to experience great innovations and positive changes in our corporation. We got excellent sponsor deals and started to participate in events in Finland. We managed to find a fighting game player, who was the first player of fighting games supported financially in Finland, to join our team.
Plans and dreams of becoming the best organization in this industry are starting to pencil out and all our goal set are accomplished this far. Support from our sponsors has been essential for us and, if we didn’t have them supporting us with our views we’ve made, we wouldn’t have been able to succeed.
RCTIC eSports will be seen as firmer organization in the future carrying on fulfilling those goals and plans that we defined at the beginning.


ESL Go4CS:GO October Finals (CS:GO)


Assembly Summer 2014 (League of Legends)

ESL GO4LOL #204 (League of Legends)

ESL GO4LOL #203 (League of Legends)

ESL GO4LOL #202 (League of Legends)

VoidLeague 5on5 Classic #16 West (League of Legends)

ESL GO4LOL #200 (League of Legends)

ESL GO4LOL #199 (League of Legends)

Royal Rampage (DotA2)

ESEA Intermediate S15 (CS:GO)

Lantrek 2014 (League of Legends)

Lantrek 2014 (DotA2)

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