The MSI-Evolution Gaming Team, or MSI-EvoGT, is a professional electronic sports organization that was the brainchild of local e-Sports advocate Irymarc Gutierrez and is maintained under the management of NetEssentials, MSI’s exclusive distributor in the Philippines.

MSI-EvoGT was officially launched on 19 March 2012 to support the rising e-Sports scene in the Philippines, as well as to serve as brand ambassadors of MSI in the country. The word “Evolution” indicates the aspiration that this gaming team will help the gamer’s perception of gaming and gaming products evolve into a whole new level, at the same time cement MSI’s position as the No. 1 Gaming Notebook in the Philippines.

To achieve these, MSI acquired top teams and players from the PH e-Sports scene namely The Net.Execration for DOTA, Exo.Blazer (later on replaced by Mski.Dane) for StarCraft II and Cristal for Cross Fire who were grouped in one umbrella organization that is the MSI-EvoGT., Execration DOTA’s Internet cafe sponsor, also extended support to the SC II and Cross Fire squads of MSI-EvoGT, and was eventually recognized as the official gaming venue of the team for team practices and online tournaments. The team was henceforth called MSI-EvoGT.TnC to stand for MSI- Evolution Gaming Team.TheNet.Com, while SteelSeries continues to be one of the pioneer and main sponsors of the team.

In September 2012, MSI-EvoGT.TnC acquired’s sponsored team, Wild.TnC and included League of Legends as part of the gaming categories that they support, bringing it to four titles.

Before the turn of the year, the DotA roster decided to focus solely on DOTA 2 to catch up with the international scene. Members of Pag-ibig.TnC, the PH representative to the prestigious SEA DOTA 2 tournament called “The Asia” merged with two members of MSI-EvoGT.TnC to form a new team whose goal for 2013 is to be invited to The International 3.

On 26 January 2013, opened its headquarters to serve as boot camp for the exclusive use of the MSI-EvoGT – the first and so far only, in the Philippines.

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1st place TNC Cup
Top 8, TNC Cup August:
Top 8, TNC October
Top 4, MPGL 7 Class A Leg 2
Top 8, MMPGL Class A Leg 3
2nd place, NXT Tournamen
4th, eSports Festival Ceb
Top 4, MPGL Class A
Top 8, Joindota league 2.2