Tue, 20 Aug 2019 MSI introduces new essential Gaming Gear MSI برترین تولید کنندگان سخت افزار گیمینگ، صفحه کلید جدید VIGOR GK30 و ماوس CLUTCH GM11 را معرفی کرده تا گیمرهایی که به دنبال پیروزی هستند و تنها از سخت افزارهایی با طراحی گیمینگ استفاده می‌کنند را به خود جذب ک[...]
Tue, 06 Aug 2019 MSI announces Immerse GH30 Gaming Headset MSI یکی از رهبران صنعت سخت افزار گیمینگ هدست Immerse GH30 را به عنوان جدیدترین عضو خانواده گیمینگ خود معرفی کرد. طراحی سبک و تاشو این مدل استفاده از آن را برای کاربران آسان می‌کند تا هر جایی که دوست دارند از ص[...]
Wed, 08 Sep 2010 Touches your soul, Moves your heart.
MSI AE2420 Multi-Touch 24" Full HD All-in-One PC
[Taipei] MSI as the top choice brand of AIO PC around the world, offering the best AIO with not just best performance, but also exceptional styles that express the professionalism of the hardware users has always be[...]
Tue, 31 Aug 2010 MSI IPC Launches WindBOX III with Intel Core 2 Duo for Fanless System 【Taipei, Taiwan】MSI, the global leading brand in motherboard, announced the launch of the upgrade version of WindBOX III (MS-9A35) to IPC market in August, 2010. This is the latest ultra-low power system with fanles[...]
Mon, 16 Aug 2010 Leading by 3D & Multi-touch
The World's First Multi-Touch 24" Full HD 3D All-in-One PC
[Taipei] MSI, a leading provider of technology solutions and innovations is now leading the industry in launching the world's first high-performance 3D All-in-One PC: Wind Top AE2420 3D. The dazzling new 3D All-in-O[...]
Fri, 06 Aug 2010 The MSI CX720
Classic Profile with Outstanding Entertainment Capabilities
The CX720 features Intel’s all new 2010 Intel® Core™ processor and nVidia GeForce 310M discrete graphics card (DDR3 1GB VRAM), up lid and palm rest treated with MSI's exclusive Color Film Print (CFP[...]
Tue, 20 Jul 2010 Minimalist Efficiency According to LOHAS Concepts
All-in-One PC – Wind Top AE1920
Following in the footsteps of the first stylish All-in-one PC, the AE1900, MSI announces the release of the all-new Wind Top AE1920. The Wind Top AE1920 again features the AE1900's elegant white body with a sparklin[...]
Tue, 20 Jul 2010 With Excellent Gaming Performance, MSI R5670-PD512 is the Best Choice for HTPC Users
Dual Fans an
【Taipei-Taiwan】 Global-renowned graphics card and motherboard manufacturer, MSI, officially launched today the R5670-PD512 adopting specific dual fans and low profile form factor. It is designed for DIY users who li[...]
Wed, 19 May 2010 MSI CX620MX, CX420MX
Mobile Multimedia, Smart Multitasking
MSI just unveiled new members of its Classic C series. The 15.6" CX620MX and 14" CX420MX come with the all-new Intel® Core™ processor and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 545v (DDR3 512MB VRAM) discrete gr[...]